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Sant Jordi 2010

After my birthday on April 18th a very special day comes: Sant Jordi on April 23rd. For me one of the most beautiful celebrations we have in Catalonia. This Sant Jordi was half rainy, but this did not stop people going out and lingering on the streets, buying books and roses for friends, family and lovers.

Last year's St. Jordi I talked about the legend behind the day and how the day is celebrated (with some pictures). This year I will add some more pictures of roses, books which filled up the stalls and people crowding the streets of Barcelona, enjoying the day.


Llibres (books)

Gent (people)
Well-known personalities sign their book
(eg, second row left, Quim Monzó, and third row right, the famous cook Carme Ruscalleda)

If you ever happen to be in Catalonia for Sant Jordi, don't miss it, enjoy it! :)

Xavi and I with the traditional St. Jordi's gifts, a book and a rose

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Isabel ha dit...

Very belated per molts anys! :)

Great pictures! My favourite is the one showing all those books. Also, the poster on 10 reasons to buy a rose, is pretty cool!