dijous, 20 de setembre del 2012

A historical turnover?

Some things have changed in Catalonia. In the last 10 years independentism has been growing from a rough 30% to a 51%. Besides, there are people who, despite not believing in Catalonia as a separate country, feel Catalonia should receive better financial treatment from Spain. But how have we have come to that? Why people who've never been independentists before are joining the cause? Why Catalonia uneasiness with Spain is growing and becoming unbearable?

 View of the rally

This is really a complicated issue to explain and of course, as a Catalan (and coming from a family of Catalan origins on both sides), I cannot be impartial. I was at the demonstration. My aim is explaining things as I see them without falling into disrespect, and of course I'd also like to allow room for discussion.

I will set some topics as background information, which I'll try to develop during the next few days (let's see if in this way I also can impose myself the habit of writing). I will be dealing with:

1. Overview of Spain's political organisation.
2. Overview of Spain's economical organisation.
3. Historical and recent events
4. Reasons for independentism growth
5. Potential consequences

As per now, I leave you with some interesting links from the English and American press about this turnover.

From the BBC:

From The New York Times:

From The Guardian:

From The Economist:

If you have more links, please share. And of course share your opinion too!