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Smell of Christmas (VI)... - Sant Esteve

Empty a corner in your stomach, because there will be another familiar lunch today. That is what is done on 26th December in Catalonia, Valencian community and Balearic islands. In Catalonia we called it Sant Esteve, as it is St. Stephen's Day today. In Valencia, it is also "Sant Esteve" or " Segon dia de Nadal" (2nd Xmas day) and in Mallorca, it called "Segona festa de Nadal" or "Sa mitjana festa" (The middle feast). Browsing on the Internet, I learned that in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, St. Esteve is also celebrated and known as Boxing Day. However, as far as I have read, the festivity's celebrations are different from those of St. Esteve in Catalan-speaking areas.

Canelloni, the traditional dish for St. Esteve

By tradition, St. Esteve's lunch is celebrated with the family whom you haven't spend Christmas day with. In this way, all members will have eaten with everyone in the family of both the mother and the father's side.

The food usually eaten in this lunch are canelons de carn (meat canelloni) as main dish and pollastre farcit (stuffed chicken) or tallrodó (a kind of veal stew). Like on Christmas day, dessert is torrons (a kind of candy) and neules (rolled wafers).

Neules and torrons

Happy Sant Esteve!

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Isabel ha dit...

That's such a great idea of having a special day to celebrate with family who couldn't make it for Christmas day.

Anna ha dit...

Yes, it is indeed a good idea, but if you think that your stomach is still full for Christmas and that you have to eat even more... you begin to figure out what this can mean for your stomach :P:P

At home we do not celebrate it (we have my family on both sides on Christmas) but we eat what is left from the Xmas meal (usually canelloni and meat, we don't cook escudella).