dilluns, 28 de desembre del 2009

Urgent piece of news

It is everywhere today. Next year, Catalonia's National Day won't be September 11th any longer. It has been unanimously approved in the Catalan Parliament that it is high time for change: from now on our National Day will be on December 19th, the day Barça achieved perfection by winning the sixth of the six trophies in play for the team.

Click here to learn more about this. It will surprise you.

My personal thoughts on this tomorrow. I am still too shocked to think.

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Isabel ha dit...

¡Feliz día de los inocentes! :D

It took me a few minutes to figure out and I was about to go find my brother to tell him all about it when I decided to look at the date of the entry and then I remembered what is celebrated on the 28th of December. :) Good one!

Anna ha dit...

Egunon Isabel,

I couldn't go without doing one "innocentada" :D. It's quite a tradition that in newspapers on December 28th some piece of news is fake (it isn't usually a big fuss, as if you read them you realize they are inconsistent). I remember that in 2007 they said Bruce Springsteen was going to cancel his concerts in BCN and I almost went crazy and then my mother said: "Innocent". :P

Today I'm going to explain what "Sants Innocents" is about (well, you actually know ;) )

Tu, jo i l'Otis ha dit...

Per un moment m'ho havia començat a creure... Innocent!!

Anna ha dit...

@ Maria > :D No et preocupis, jo sempre queia amb les innocentades de la "mama Núria". Aquest any, per això no me n'ha pogut fer cap, la meva mare! Estic salvaaadaa!