dissabte, 12 de desembre del 2009

Smell of Christmas (I)... - Aim

Again, December. Again, time for perfume, chocolate, watches, Nespresso (¬¬) and cava (the Catalan version of champagne), ultrafrozen seafood and toys ads. Again, decorated fir trees. Again, those typical street lights. Again, everybody seems to be happy. Again, tradition is the rule. Again, Christmas is approaching.

Catalonia shares many Christmas traditions with the rest of Spain, but it also have traditions of its own. My aim during these special dates is to write about all these traditions (both the shared and the unique ones). This will be my particular way to share my Christmas with you.

I hope you like it :).

3 comentaris:

MaryMoon ha dit...

Tió tió, caga torró, no caguis arengades que són salades...

Anna ha dit...

...caga turró d'aquell tan bo :D. I think everyone sings a different version of this song.

Maria be sure, I'll make clear what is the "tió". I only see Santa Claus hanging over the balconies...why don't they put
"tions" instead ? hehe ¬¬

Isabel ha dit...

I can't wait to learn more about Catalan Christmas traditions. I'm more familiar with Basque ones (after all, I've only recently learned I was Catalan too!) although I do know about the Tió de Nadal because they had a funny sketch about it in Crackòvia.