dimarts, 8 de desembre del 2009

A casa (At home)

Let's do a little bit of basic vocabulary! Our vocabulary lesson today will be about the house, or "La casa" in Catalan. First of all, I'd like to make you note that "casa" is feminine in gender (therefore LA casa and not *EL casa) and that it can mean both "house" and "home". We have a word that means "home", which is "llar", also feminine, but we usually use "casa" instead of "llar" to mean home -except for the expression home sweet home, in which we use llar, dolça llar.

El rebedor

El passadís

El lavabo

La cuina


El menjador

El balcó

I have recorded all words but I cannot upload them on the blog unless I upload them first to the web. As I do not wish to do so, please, if you like to have the recordings so you know how the words sound like, just email me and I'll be glad to send them to you.

3 comentaris:

anna ha dit...

Nicely done :).

Isabel ha dit...

This is fantastic! Words tend to sink in better when a visual accompanies it, so this is great.

If you want to upload pronunciations, you could try doing it at Forvo.com. That's the first place I go to when I can't figure out how something is pronounced.

Jim Morrison ha dit...

Hi Anna,
Nice to see some more lessons. I was happy to see that I already knew most of the words, but I have learned some new ones too. Remember that you could use MLN Player to put audio with sentences, like I do in my blog.

You just make a lesson with MLN and then get some HTML from the site, paste it into your post and an MLN Player with your lesson will appear in your post.