dimarts, 26 de maig del 2009

A beautiful landscape

Last Tuesday a new weekly TV programme began in TV3 -the public Catalan television channel. It is called "El paisatge favorit de Catalunya" (The favourite landscape of Catalonia).

It aims at letting users choose which is their favourite landscape by voting. In each programme, three famous public personalities who live in Catalonia talk about their favourite landscapes and encourage people to vote for it. Besides voting, people can also post their own pictures of Catalan landscapes in the programme's web.

I also see another aim as well: make people in Catalonia know their own land. And believe me, there is so much to see!

I was captivated, moved by the beauty of the images. We have a treasure: a land which offers us every kind of landscape: mountains up to 3140 metres, rocky coast, sandy coast, hills, rivers, pintoresque villages, medieval towns, a big city, volcanos (inactive...and hopefully extinct), plains... A bunch of possibilites and wonders!

I see one weak point in this programme: it is so hard to say which is my favourite landscape in Catalonia!

You can watch the programme in TV3's website. They will upload every week 's programme, so anyone can watch it after it is broadcasted. The only thing is that is narrated in Catalan, but landscapes speak no languages, so I invite you to enjoy it. I hope you like it.

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Xavi ha dit...

The choice is indeed going to be very difficult.
I was also amazed by the beauty and diversity we could see in the show, and I guess that today's pick is also going to be a tough one.
In my view, the only problem of the show is the excess of its music. But well, in this case it is your sight what really counts...

anna ha dit...

Above all, I really envy you for your access to the sea. It's so boring to live in a landlocked country although we have nice mountains and lakes too.

MaryMoon ha dit...

Peret is talking about the sea and Barcelona right now :-D
We live in a lovely country, isn't it?

Anna ha dit...

Of course Anna, every country has its own beauty. I think our beauty is our variety of landscapes: the south with el Delta de l'Ebre has nothing to do with la Vall de Núria in the Pyrenees, but they are both amazing! Your beauty, as you well said are those mountains and lakes and they are breathtaking too!

MaryMoon, thanks to Peret I saw a completely different Barcelona seaside yesterday: the flat roof and the clothes hanging from the line (which is very Mediterranean), the so well now towers of la Barceloneta, the statue of Christopher Columbus...all looked beautiful (when I never though they were)! I was very impressed when they said that the city had not turned towards the sea until 1992. And now we have all kinds of facilities to walk near it!

Jim Morrison ha dit...

>>volcanos (inactive...and hopefully extinct)...

I hope so, I stood inside one of them last year ;-)
I am going to have a look at the program later. But I already agree that Catalonia is a beautiful country!
And next week I am going to the 'La Patum de Berga'.

Anna ha dit...

Jim, I guess you were in St. Margarida's volcano, the one with the church inside?

Have fun in la Patum! I've never been there but I hope some day I will, as I have friends in the area of Berga. Mmm...next week you said? Well, maybe I will have to plan some trip...

Jim Morrison ha dit...

Hi Anna, yes it was St. Margarida's volcano.
I hope you manage to go to Patum one year; It's amazing!
All the best,

MaryMoon ha dit...

Bcn has no chances if we compare the Barceloneta with the Costa Brava, but... you should have a walk around the old Barceloneta streets, see the market and then have an ice-cream at the Fratelli's place in Passeig Joan de Borbó (ojo al "gelat de mànec"!)