dimarts, 19 de gener del 2010

The eternal discussion

So far I have avoided politics as much as I could, mainly because a) I do not want to create trouble and conflict, b) I do not want to bore you, and c) I do not want to write a political blog. But I think I need to write lines on the sociopolitical discussions between Catalonia and Spain. Not saying a word without it would be like lying, denying a truth that exists and is very present -even in daily life. On the other hand it is a very delicate issue in which I have my own opinions, as everybody has in this country. Therefore, carefulness is needed to avoid offence.

The "battle" between Spain and Catalonia began long ago and will be still here for long. But why so? What happens exactly? Why these discussions exist?

For me the whole Spanish-Catalan question boils down to

1- Identity and feelings
2- Language
3- History
4- Miscomprehension

It seems easy when put into 4 points, but it is really complex!

I do not want to go further into detail today, but if you agree and you wish to learn some more things about it, I will give some insights from time to time, as objectively as I can.

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Tu, jo i l'Otis ha dit...

Keeping an objective point of view about it will be difficult...


Anna ha dit...

I'll try :D

Gràcies pels ànims!

Xavi ha dit...

It really is a delicate subject, but as I told you in your first birthday, this is also part of the Catalan daily-life. Thus, you should not avoid it.

Furthermore, this is also about your feelings and thoughts, and I guess people who read you want to know what YOU think. Being objective will be tough, that's true, but as long as you are not disrespectful, this is the place for you to explain your own vision.

Once agais, ànims!

Isabel ha dit...

Seeing as I'm interested in politics (International Relations major!) any posts you might make on Catalan politics won't bore me. :)

I'm also interested in Catalan politics because I don't really know much about the current issues as compared to my knowledge of issues in Basque politics.

I think that it's okay to take the neutral path but it's also okay to make your stand on issues known. So long as everyone agrees to be respectful, then I don't foresee any problems arising. :D

Jim Morrison ha dit...

I will defo read what you write. Have a good one.

Donyet ha dit...

Hello Anna,

I sometimes find it difficult to keep from getting angry when expressing opinions on Catalunya, and I have made mistakes in saying things before calming down and have regretted it. This is especially true on the internet where it is recorded permanently.

You have a good idea, especially waiting until you've calmed down before expressing an opinion (as you mentioned on a previous post).

That said, it would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are on certain things that effect Catalunya and the Catalan people. I do think as long as you are respectful it should be okay. But if you just don't feel comfortable with it that's okay too.


Donyet ha dit...

Hello Anna,

I just wanted to add that I have never lived in Catalunya, so I don't know what it's like to live there on a daily basis (I am half Catalan by the way, and that's why I'm interested).

I bring this up because if you were to write about the things that happen to you personally in regards to being Catalan within a nation called Spain and your frustrations with the way you are treated, then it isn't necessarily a political opinion, it's a fact of daily life when it concerns you.

Of course my reasons for wanting to hear about what it's like to live in Catalunya are selfish. I want a window into that part of my culture that I have never experienced, and that includes the negative aspects of the Catalan experience as well.

Just a thought to consider. And as I mentioned before, it's okay if you don't feel comfortable with it too.


Anna ha dit...

Hi Alex,

Sorry for my late reply. I did not see your comment before. Lately I do not have much time to write the blog and I feel badly because I really like to do it. I don't know when I will be able to talk about all the aspects you wish to know about the relationship Spain-Catalonia, but for sure, I will. There are so many different things to talk about in the blog that I am sometimes overwhelmed and blocked!

Thanks for your comments and curiosity :)


Lalig ha dit...

hi, i came across your blog while researching about the catalan flag. i immediately fell in love with the blog. i am a fanatic of fc barcelona and want to know everything there is to know about barcelona, and catalunya since i am planning to continue my studies there. i have a question and i would be delighted if you answered it because i did not find a 100% answer on the web about it, not even when i was in barcelona. so what is the difference between the catalan flag that has a blue triangle with a white star in the middle and the flag with just the yellow and red stripes?
thank you, i will always keep reading your blog