diumenge, 27 de setembre del 2009

Chords and lyrics that make beautiful songs (I). Manel.

The music of one of the concerts I enjoyed yesterday is still swimming in my head and sometimes I find myself singing bits and pieces of the song aloud as I am preparing lunch, as I am waiting for the metro to come, as I am walking towards the theatre to see a play, as I... It was such a lovely concert and it was for free. Good music, good weather at zero cost. What else could one ask for?

The stars of the concerts were Manel, a band from Barcelona which became famous last year when they won Sona 9, a music contest to promote new musicians in Catalonia. I think they deserved winning. Their lyrics talk about daily life, current things and some of them have a critical insight as well. And their music is just wonderful. They combine the sound of the guitar with the ukelele, the harmonica, the bass, the drums and the clarinet to play pop-folk tunes. Besides their songs, they also made completely new original versions of older Catalan bands.

Manel, band members

Manel have recorded one album, called "Els millors professors europeus" (The best European Teachers). I do not know exactly why they have called the album so, I can only tell the phrase is the title of one song and part of the lyrics of another.

"Els millors professors europeus", album cover

Following is a a little taste of some of their songs. I promise to translate the lyrics soon, it's a bit late today and the alarm clock won't forgive me tomorrow. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the music :)!

Manel - Al mar (To the sea)

Manel - En la que el Bernat se't troba (When Bernat meets you)

Manel - Ai Dolors

More on Manel at MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/gatmanel

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Tu, jo i l'Otis ha dit...

Els veuré gràcies al Tr3sC!!!! I'm back!

Jim Morrison ha dit...

Hi Anna,
My girlfriend showed me a video of them and then I told her that I had just read about them (here, on your blog). Strange ;-)
The video was them doing a cover of 'Common People' by Pulp.
They seem like a good band.

Tu, jo i l'Otis ha dit...

Doncs el concert va estar molt i molt bé, molt divertit, ple de sorpreses :D

Oscar ha dit...

Hi Anna,

Thanks for sharing this great music!
I wondered if you were still planning to fulfill your promise and translate some lyrics :-)

I would be very grateful!