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Welcome back

Hello again! It's a long time since I last wrote. I like writing this blog and have many ideas on what to write, but to be honest, I never get to establish writing it as regularly as I wished. Why I don't is a constant question I ask myself. I think that now is the time to gather some will and do it. Just because I enjoy it and I would like to share this with you.

My first post after my firm decision of writing often is to show you how Catalan greetings and presentations sound like and what do they mean. I had this post into my head since I came back from the summercamp where I worked for two weeks. These days have been full of greetings and "will miss yous" and "see you soons", and I thought maybe it would be a great idea to "restart" the blog. So here you are:


Words to remember:
Hola = Hello / Hi
Com va? = How are you? (literally "How is it going?")
Adéu = Bye
Bon dia = Good morning
Bona tarda = Good afternoon / Good evening
Bona nit = Good night / Good evening

A short note on grammar: both "bon" and "bona" stand for "good", the difference being gender ("bon" is masculine, while "bona" is feminine")


Et trobaré a faltar = I will miss you
Fins aviat = See you soon

WARNING!: Most of these dialogues are spoken in informal contexts.

Special thanks to Xavi, the same guy who wrote
the boasting words for Sant Jordi's legend special effects.

7 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

Hi Anna!
I really love your blog!!!you have to keep on writing amazing things about our land and I think that you're doing a fantastic job!!!Ah, I almost forgot...if you need a supporter here I am!
Xavi, your English is really good! :) we are longing to see more tracks!!!


anna ha dit...

Hey, great idea! Good acting as well :-).

Jim Morrison ha dit...

Excellent lessons!
I am glad you are back!
T'he trobat a faltar ;-)
Can you say that???

Anna ha dit...

Jim, of course you can say that :)

"T'he trobat a faltar" means "I have missed you" (it is correct to say that in English?)

I promise that I will write more often...I had a couple of different months (changing flat, being out for a couple of weeks...)

Jim ha dit...

>> "T'he trobat a faltar" means "I have missed you" (it is correct to say that in English?)

Yes that's right.
They seem to be very different constructions!

Anna ha dit...

No us havia vist nkra jajajajaja
M'encanta!! I no sona gens malament jajajaja
Sembleu les veus dels meus cassettes d'anglès del cole jijiji
M'encanteu! MUAKA

Papes i sisterisita ha dit...

Molt bona idea! Que segueixi la inventiva! :) Hem rigut una estona!