dimarts, 10 de març del 2009

My blog on the radio! Moltes gràcies Xavi i Rac1! (Thank you very much Xavi and Rac1)

Since half past two I'm overwhelmed with happiness.

That is the time when I got a call from my mother. This is strange because my mother never calls me at that time. So I asked her if there was something wrong. She said that not at all, that she wanted to tell me something that I might like a lot. She said that she believed she had heard my boyfriend's name in "El món" (The world), a radio programme in the Catalan station Rac1, about eight o'clock and something about a blog which in its last posts talked about "calçots being similar to long onions". As you can imagine it caught me totally unaware: nobody -ie, my boyfriend Xavi- told me and, because this is exactly what I wrote yesterday!! I had to go deeper into it. I downloaded the podcast from the programme and there it was! Now it all explained the new reader that commented on a post today!

Of course, before downloading the podcast, I called Xavi (a faithful listener of El Món) and asked if this was possible. "Yes", he told me, "I wrote them and reccomended your blog". As I did it last week, I thought they wouldn't say it on air. Go to "El món"'s blog and you'll see. "And there it is!! My blog in Snap preview! And the text they read in the radio.

The text they read (approximately) is:

Aquesta curiosa cosa anomenada Catalunya. Així és com es podria resumir el contingut del blog Tot sobre Catalunya. Una recomanació que ens ha fet el Xavi Vilana d’aquest blog, creat recentment, que vol donar visibilitat a Catalunya més enllà de les nostres fronteres. Les entrades que fa la seva autora, l’Anna, serveixen per explicar temes com la història, la llengua, la cultura, les tradicions o la política catalana. All about Catalonia està escrit en anglès per poder arribar, així, a un nombre més gran d’internautes. Fa pocs mesos que està obert i la darrera entrada parla, com no, de calçots.
Source: http://www.rac1.org/elmon/?p=15775 (10-03-2009)

(This curious thing called Catalonia. This is how this blog's content could be summarized. All about Catalonia. A reccomendation made by Xavi Vilana about this blog, created recently, which wants to gives visibility to Catalonia beyond our borders. Her author, Anna, uses her posts to explain things like Catalan history, language, culture, tradition and politics. All about Catalonia [orig. in English] is written in English to reach a wider range of Internet users. It has been open since some months ago and the last entry talks, couldn't it be another way, about "calçots".)

I'm so so so happy! Moltes molte moltes gràcies El Món (I definetely put a link to your blog), and specially you, Xavi :).

It gave me a further reason to go ahead and keep writing the blog!

It is definetely a great day today despite there is no electricity on my building (they are hanging electricity readers) and we have no sink because there was a leak which caused problems to the flat below. I don't know if we will have electricity this night and so I will miss Doctor House on TV or if my frozen meat has defrost. But it is a GREAT DAY.

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MaryMoon ha dit...

Congrats!!! Vull dir... felicitats!!!
(Una nova lectora)

Anna ha dit...

Gràcies MaryMoon!
Que bo, no sabia que eres tu fins que he fet clic a l'enllaç del teu nom!

Jo vaig seguint el teu bloc tb :D, encara que no comenti mai, sàpigues q també tens una altra lectora!

Per cert, any suggestions for a post...they will be very welcome!

Fins aviat!

anna ha dit...

This is great, wow!